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Long Hai Market – Biggest Fishing port in Vung Tau

Amidst the peaceful life in Long Hai, at somewhere people still diligently work every day from late night to early tomorrow. That is what can be said about the pace of life at Long Hai market. Let’s explore with Anoasis Resort Long Hai about the biggest fishing port in Vung Tau!

Long Hai Market – The biggest fishing port in Vung Tau

The people of Long Hai live mainly on tourism and fishing on the sea. A small number of people in this peaceful sea choose to open motels. Most of the rest either work in the sea or trade-in seafood. Therefore, it has obviously become the largest fishing port in Ba Ria – Vung Tau area. Seafood caught from here is distributed throughout the country. So it’s no wonder that when you come to Long Hai, you are enjoying the food from the freshest ingredients from the sea.

The dishes here are made from fresh ingredients that have not yet been frozen. It still retains all the nutrients. It is a big gift that the sea has given to this land with the unique processing methods of the people of Long Hai. The great delicacies when coming to Long Hai that you can not ignore are Pancakes, Gun hotpot, Lobster blood, etc…

Or just coastal shops, street vendors on Dinh Co beach also bring fresh special flavors. The price of fresh or processed seafood in Long Hai is not high either. The price is quite reasonable and attracts customers. Thinking more about what? Let’s plan!

Scenes of early morning fish market

You can take the time of the early morning to go to the Long Hai fish market and buy for your own the fish that have just been caught on the shore. Or just to come and watch the busy life of this place. You will see how the great people here. Everyone always works together with smiles on their lips and boats full of sea fish.

After a long time of lining up in the delivery trucks, everyone enjoys a quick breakfast together. They confide and talk to each other about their joys and sorrows in daily life! But after all, they will be themselves, still work and enjoy all the fabulous things that God gives to them in this land! There is a warm smile on the faces of every person here.

In conclusion, perhaps those are the moments you won’t be able to see anywhere else. The atmosphere of the sea and the beauty of the working scene. What a wonderful place and warming people!

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