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Where Nourish Your Soul

One of the most highlight that you should not be missed at Anoasis Resort Long Hải. My Soul Spa is truly a place where you can nourish your soul with a full range of health care procedures from body massage to exercises like Yoga, Taichi or Zumba.

My Soul Spa has a total of 16 treatment rooms, each of which will have 2 beds for 2 people, inside the treatment room all has air conditioning and specialized body massage equipment.

In addition, My Soul Spa also has a training ground for Taichi, Yoga, or meditation and has a Beauty Salon for beauty services such as manicure, pedicure, and shampoo.

We have 2 locker room, one side for men and the other for women, each with a steam and dry sauna; 3 shower rooms and 2 toilets, 16 inside locker cabinets with towels, bathrobe, paper panties, cotton swab, full hair capture for guests to use.

And yet, My Soul Spa also has a Kids Club room for children to have fun while parents go to massage.

The most outstanding feature here is that the essential oils are made from nature according to My Soul secret, guaranteed to give you a sense of relaxation and greatness.

With all these amenities, My Soul Spa is an ideal destination for all travelers who want to stay at Anoasis Resort Long Hai.


A warm & cold stone ritual with garden oil (ylang ylang & herbs)

A mandarin’s beautiful daughter hears the “deep and sweet” voice of an unseen fisherman as he sings, and imagines him to be a mandarin’s son in disguise. The girl pines away for him until the bewildered singer dressed in rags and smelling of fish is brought before her. When she sees him, she laughs at her own folly; the fisherman, however, falls instantly in love with her, and her laughter causes him to die of heartbreak. His heart became a crystal, which winds up a teacup for the mandarin’s daughter; she sees in her tea the fisherman’s sad eyes and repents of her thoughtlessness
With remorse she begged his spirit for forgiveness to provide him peace.
Find peace with our stone therapy.

Your journey benefits

  – Peace of mind
  – Yin & yang energy in body




A shiatsu inspired technique combined with a warm banyan roll.

A lazy boy Cuoi spends his days sleeping under a banyan tree. One day he found tiger cubs. As he played with them the returning tigress made him drop the cub. Climbing the tree for safety he watched the tigress heal her cub’s wound with a banyan tree leaf. Inspired he grew a banyan tree, became wealthy and married a rich man’s daughter. Jealous of Cuoi’s obsession with the tree she threw hot water on it. The tree uprooted and took Cuoi, who grabbed it, with him to the moon where he and the tree live to this day.

Your journey benefits

– Loosen stiff muscle areas
– Balance mind through acupressure points


Aromatherapy ritual with forest harmony oil (cedar wood & patchouli)

The legend about Thu Thuc, a young scholar in search of the meaning of life. On his way to the land of bliss he saved an unknown woman in peril. Upon reaching the floating mountain a fairy queen welcomed him. To his surprise she was the woman he saved. She offered her daughter’s hand in marriage
and he stayed. Over time Thu Thuc became bored of the land of bliss. The Queen sent him back to the real world with tools to find the bliss in daily life.

Your journey benefits
– Harmony and balance of energy
– Total relaxation



A firm but sensual muscle relaxant with tiger balm

A fisherman’s nets were torn & empty every morning & him & his aging mother were starving.  Staying by the river overnight he was found dead the next day. His mother grieved for her only son, and visited his grave daily when she came upon a tiger & asked: “Are you the one who killed my son? I shall soon die of sadness and hunger. Will you provide for me as my son did?” 

The tiger supplied a deer at the doorstep every night and a friendship developed until she died. “Please promise me you will no longer kill people,” she said. The villagers found enough wild deer for a big funeral, during which the forest was filled with the roar of a tiger.

Your journey benefits

   – Ease pain and stress relieves

   – Reduce anxiety


Bamboo on the rock ritual, alternating warm stone and bamboo roll ritual, a relaxing flow from head to toes

The story is about a laborer who is exploited by a wealthy landowner. In order to keep and motivate the laborer, the landowner promises to reward him with marriage to his daughter after three years of labor. When the time for marriage arrives, the landowner breaks his promise by offering his daughter to another man. When the laborer complains, the landowner tries to trick him again by sending him in search of a bamboo talk with one hundred segments, again promising him his daughter if the laborer can find the bamboo stalk. After divine intervention, the laborer triumphs in the end.

Your journey benefits

– Providing deep sense of relaxation and well being

– Relieve Muscle tension and pain



·        Please notify us of any health conditions we should be aware of

·        We are a health zone; please do not bring electronics & mobiles into the spa

·        Smoking, drugs and alcohol are not permitted

·        Children under 16 are not permitted in the spa facility except at mini spa

·        We recommend locking your valuables in the locker or leave them in your room, we are not responsible for any missing items

·        Disposable underwear, bathrobes and slippers are available

·        Swim wear to be worn in steam and sauna areas

·        For late arrival within 20 minutes we will adjust the treatment time

·        For arrival later than 20 minutes the treatment will be cancelled

·        For a cancelled or missed journey there are no rescheduling or transfer options



    August 2022