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Top Places to Travel in Long Hai 2020

Long Hai is not only famous for its stunning beach but also many attractive destinations from natural landscapes to historical sites or from the majestic high mountains to the serene blue sea.

Here are some most outstanding tourist destinations in Long Hai

Minh Đạm Mountain

This mountain associated with the heroic history of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province during the war. From the foot of the mountain, visitors follow the paved road to the top.


On your way, about a half up to the top, you will see a panoramic view of Long Hai with sea and forest separated on two sides of the road. Tourists often feel overwhelmed with breathtaking view here, especially when standing in front of the splendid beauty of autumn sky and green and yellow leaves, embellish with blooming forest flowers.

Long Hải Beach

The beach still has many pristine, untouched features, which are suitable for groups of backpackers camping overnight. It is an ideal place to enjoy the fresh nature with stretching golden sand, mixed with the green of the tranquil ocean.


In addition to swimming, visitors can freely enjoy cheap, fresh seafood in the early morning.

If you want to learn more about Long Hai Beach, please read: https://anoasisresort.com/long-hai-beach-pristine-clean-beach/

Dinh Cô Beach

Located at the foot of Dinh Co temple, this beach also bears the same name with fine, golden sand. The sand here is wide and suitable for team building activities or weekend entertainment with campfire, singing, dancing.

At low tide, the ocean water recedes further, you will see molluscum and fish in smooth sand just below your feet.

Truc Lam Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery

Zen Monastery located at the foot of Minh Dam Mountain and opened in 1987, it is located in a spiritual space mingled with majestic nature. Visitors come here can feel the peace in their soul.

Trúc Lâm Chân Nguyên Zen Monastery

Being prominent in the green space of the mountains and forests is the main hall. This place is located under a mountain range, behind which are rocks with many different shapes such as snake head, turtle engraved with words. They look like giant ink wash paintings bearing Buddhist colors.

Looming in the woods are small simple wooden amulets for the monks practicing here. The most special feature here is the appearance of hundreds of monkeys. With them the temple is as a peaceful place to come and stay. That is also the reason why this place is also known as Monkey temple.

Nuoc Ngot Pass (Đèo Nước Ngọt)

When coming to visit Long Hai, you should not miss the road of Nước Ngọt (Freshwater pass). Along the seashore with a length of 5 km is always filled with crowded visitors in the last months of the year.

Nuoc Ngot Pass in Long Hai
Nuoc Ngot Pass

An interesting point to mention is the cherry blossom forest on the halfway up to the mountain. Previously, this flower was planted by the Japanese during the war years. Over time, the forest became a destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.

All the above are the places you should visit when being in Long Hai. What else are you waiting for but making a schedule with friends to explore this heaven on the ground? We wish you will have an exciting trip to Long Hai in 2020.

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