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Anoasis Resort Long Hai – What Do You Need To Know In 2020?

Are you in search of a world-class resort to have a perfect trip for next year 2020? Are you hesitating to find some good places to reside temporarily? Now, Anoasis Resort Long Hai will be the KEY to your all answers. Let’s explore it!

The Entrance Gate of Anoasis Resort

Where is Anoasis Resort?

On Provincial Road 44A, Long Dien, Long Hai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, It takes 90 minutes to go from downtown Ho Chi Minh to Anoasis Resort for driving. It is suitable for high-class vacations with the most modern facilities and services as well. If you want to have a fantastic weekend, here is definitely your best choice.

What is the characteristic of us?

With a very special “Western” architecture, Long Hai Anoasis Resort brings us a beautiful space as well as a modern one with a lush greenery. Especially, the majority of this 13 Hectare space is just for trees and flowers. Not as crowded with rooms as other resorts will make a very airy and party atmosphere. Come and experience it as soon as possible, Anoasis will not make you disappointed!

Anoasis-with Bungalows looming behind the foliage of green trees and highlighted by rows of confetti planted around the room’s balcony makes it more magical. It both creates a beautiful scenery and creates a pleasant atmosphere for visitors when staying here. At the resort, visitors can see the confetti, porcelain flower, jasmine,… shading and radiating soft fragrance throughout the campus.

The main color of the resort is blue and white. With the architecture inspired by Santorini – the paradise island of Greek will certainly satisfy and please the visitors. It possesses an eye-catching architecture combined with the most modern amenities. The 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom villas have a private pool with sea views. Moreover, the Bungalows for 2 people that have an outdoor bath so guests can take a relaxing dip and catch the sun.

Anoasis Resort Long Hai looks like the other Santorini hiding in Vietnam

Ly Hai – Minh Ha

The service system at Anoasis Resort is very diverse. Large pool combined with an outdoor bar is suitable for all ages to relax. Beach is so fabulous with white sand and blue sea. In addition, there still has Spa where we can relax for comfortable moments. Moreover, restaurant with many attractive options from the blue sea is always ready to serve us. Yoga classes also open all day on the sea if we care. So that, visitor can fully feel the senses. What are you waiting for now? Do not hesitate anymore, just do it now!

Anoasis Resort Long Hai

Address:Provincial Road 44A, Long Dien, Long Hai, Ba Rịa-Vung Tau.

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